Western Harvester Ants for ant farms and ant habitats.

Collectible arrowheads, geodes, glass slag, hematite, onyx, seashells, and polished rocks and minerals.

Educational kits include fossils, crystals, minerals, gems, or magic rocks allows children, and the kid-at -heart, to learn and examine real natural collections.

Prehistoric creature and biological remains take millions of years to form and are called fossils. Some of our fossils include: trilobites, ammonite, shark tooth, orthoceras, cassiopeia, brachiopods, dinosaur bone pieces, fossil fish, petrified wood and more.

Incredible living fossils are Tadpole Shrimp eggs that have lived in dry lake beds and date back to the Triassic time. Just add water to the eggs an watch your living fossils come to life!

An exotic collection of pressed flowers with unique colors, shapes, and patterns.

A large assortment of rocks and minerals including; quartz, obsidian, petrified wood, pyrite, rhyolite, sandstone, geodes, agate, and much more.

Our wholesale fossils provide large batches at a better wholesale price.

Choose from a number of sizes and quantities when you buy our wholesale rocks and minerals for a great bargain!

Unique, one of a kind fossils.